Tokenized Carbon Credits

Take an active role against climate change

Our Goal

We want to bridge institutional-grade carbon assets on chain, this can make carbon markets accessible and transparent, allowing companies and individuals to take an active role against climate change.

Voluntary carbon credit market has boomed in recent years as the growing urgency around climate change around the world has also risen. More companies and persons want to adopt net zero emissions policies. Also, the agendas of most of the regulators, organizations and countries have endorsed a climate change policy and start pushing some regulations, making mandatory for some companies to compensate their carbon emissions. 

The demand for carbon credits could increase by 15x by 2030; and by 100x by 2050 according to the Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM), sponsored by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) with knowledge support from McKinsey. 

The overall market value for carbon credits could be worth up to:

+ 0 Billions


During the last two years some projects like KlimaDAO, Toucan and Moss.Earth started tokenizing carbon credits, and in just over six months, over 25 million tons worth offsets have been tokenized. Polygon and other blockchains have been investing on sustainable projects and start buying carbon credits adopting a carbon free policy. 

The current carbon offset market is slow and has difficult to scale

  • Illiquid Market 
  • A lot of intermediaries
  • Lack of transparency 
  • Unavailable to retail and small companies 


Carbon credits tokens in the blockchain

  • Carbon credits more transparent, traceable and liquid backed by smart contracts. 

  • Any company, project or individual can acquire carbon credits and became carbon free. 

  • Special service for large companies (B2B) such as carbon zero strategy and onboard process. 
  • Partnerships with blockchain, protocols, NFT collections, web3 companies to be carbon free through our token. 

  • Create NFTs collections backed by carbon credits.
  • Develop and scale environmental projects, preservation of local biodiversity and create local jobs.


Ideation process:


Creation of the token.

The tokens will be backed/embedded by 1 ton of CO2 carbon credits with international registration like Verra or Gold Standard.


Buy / bridge certified carbon credits.

Register the information of the carbon credit and certifications numbers into a smart contract. We will mint a token for every ton of CO2 we have in our contracts, every token will be backed by 1 ton of CO2.


Create a batch of tokens for every project and launch it to the market.

 You will know to which batch and project your token is linked. 

User Experience

  • A dashboard to see your impact and how many tokens you need to purchase to be carbon free
  • See what kind of project you are funding through buying the carbon credit.

  • Buy the token in the secondary market in centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

  • NFT certification when you reach the carbon zero goal.

Meet the team

Alejandro Hernández Camas

CEO of Ecocyc, President of Sustainability at Comisión Nacional de Empresarios Jóvenes en México

Liza Vargas

Carbon Market Expert at Impact0, measurement of carbon footprint, compensation and mitigation strategy

Alejandro Hernández Yañez

General Director of The Nature Conservancy in Chiapas

Claudia Virgen

General Director of Ecobiosfera AC

Miguel Angel Perez

Member of the CONACYT

German Gonzalez

Entrepreneur, Business Strategist & Blockchain Lead

Adrian Hernandez

Digital Artist, Marketing & Creative Director